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Houston Pool Fence Installations

The First Step to Pool Safety Is Installing a Pool Fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Harris/Ft Bend, Serving Houston

If you have a backyard or neighborhood pool in Houston, Texas, installing a pool fence is the most important pool safety measure you will ever take! Life Saver Pool Fence is the “gold standard” of pool safety, protecting children 24/7. It is often the only (and certainly the last) physical barrier between your home and your pool.

Put safety first. Keep kids safe, on dry ground.

To arrange an estimate or to discuss pool safety for either an inground or above ground pool, call or text 832-916-3955.  

“Remember, keeping our children safe is the most important job adults have.” – Owner, Will M.


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    Know The Facts. Life Saver Pool Fence Saves Lives Every Day.

    Did you know? The American Academy of Pediatrics states the #1 safety precaution for pool safety is a non-climbable 4-foot-tall fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Adult supervision alone is not a guarantee! Layers of protection are the answer!

    Of all the potential dangers in your home, drowning poses the most danger to your family. The facts are alarming:

    • Drowning is fast, silent and it can happen right in front of your eyes.
    • According to the CDC, drowning is the #1 accidental killer of children between the ages of 1-4 and #2 for children ages 5 – 15. (source:
    • 69 percent of drowning incidents occur when supervision failed and there were no other protective measures in place.
    • Most children were seen less than 5 minutes before being found in the pool.
    • The majority of child drowning accidents occur while both parents were responsible for supervision.
    • A young child can drown in as little as two inches of water.
    • A child is 100x more likely to be killed by a swimming pool than a firearm.

    When You Know You Need A Pool Fence

    • When your children begin to walk.
    • When you are closing on a house with a pool.
    • When your new pool is getting ready for water.
    • When your senior dog loses their eyesight.
    • When your grandbabies are coming to visit.
    • When your dog loves the water a little too much.
    • When you have a member of the household with special needs.
    • When you host your friends and family.
    • Whenever you want your backyard to be safer.
    A pool fence reduces the risk of drowning by almost 90%

    It’s for all of these reasons and more that the mission of Life Saver Pool Fence of Harris/Ft Bend County is to help families be safer, in their backyard, by helping to prevent drownings.

    Why More Customers Choose Life Saver Pool Fence of Harris/Ft Bend County

    • Voted best pool fencing! Recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
    • #1 certified Houston Life Saver Pool Fence installer with 10+ years of water safety expertise.
    • Work directly with the Owner, Will. We do NOT subcontract.
    • Phone and virtual estimates available (assumes clear view of your pool on Google Earth).
    • 100 Year Warranty! We stand behind our product.
    • We install the strongest, best pool fencing available. Our solid core poles are virtually unbreakable.
    • Our pool safety fences are “see through.” The tightly woven mesh on our pool fencing is nearly transparent. [fact: black mesh fence is the most transparent of all fencing!]. Life Saver Pool Fence is minimally obstructive to the view of your pool.
    • Fences are removable. Removable pool fence is easy to take down and easy to put back up. Safety Snap Latches allow the fence to be removable by an ADULT but impossible to remove by a child.
    • No Tripping Hazard. Life Saver Gates come with an independent truss upright, so there is no bar to trip on at the base of the gate frame.
    • Deposits not required. Popular items kept in stock.
    • Committed to water safety. Will has more than 10 years of experience as a drowning prevention specialist in the Houston area, and has served more than 5,000 local families as both a Life Saver Pool Fence Installer and Survival Swimming Instructor with Texas Swim Academy in Katy, TX.
    • Single day installation. From layout to completion, most fences are installed in just a few hours.
    Your Family Deserves the Best Pool Fence

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    pool fence installation in Harris County, TX

    Life Saver mesh pool fence installed with solar lights

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    Houston Pool Fencing & Pool Safety Products That We Install

    • We install the best Houston pool fences you can find: Life Saver Pool Fence Solid Core (patented) & Pool Corral mesh safety fences. Both are excellent options!
    • We install Pool Safety Gates (square & arched self-closing and latching with or without alarms). Almost every Texas homeowner installs a gate when they put in a pool safety fence.
    • Pet Fence (For fencing off pools, creating dog runs, walling off garage areas etc.)
    • We install Pool Fence DIY upon request

    We also install fencing such as:

    • Seawall Fence and Boat Dock (Gulf of Mexico area)
    • Mesh Fence for Ditches, Bayous, or Flood retention areas

    Inquire about Pool Accessories we may carry e.g. Solar Lights, Omni Hangers, etc. (not guaranteed to be in stock)

    Color options: (black, white, brown, hunter green, copper vein and tan), so that our customers have every option available. Back and copper vein tend to be the most popular. Lead times may vary based on color selection.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Color Options

    To get started, Call or text 832-916-3955, Or fill out our free estimate form here.

    All of the swimming pool fences from Life Saver go through multiple testing phases prior to being approved for use per international pool safety standards. The removable mesh pool fence we use is recognized by swimming safety and pool safety organizations across the country (recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission), which is why they are largely considered to be the best pool fence for safety.


      Take the first step today. It's easy. Receive a FREE no risk pool fence estimate. Call or Contact Us Online Today.

      Our Child Pool Fence Installation Process


      About Houston, TX

      Houston is the largest, most populous metropolitan area in Texas and the sixth most populous city in the United states. Located in the Southeast Texas region close to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the City of Houston is primarily comprised of Harris County, however it extends to Fort Bend and Montgomery counties as well.

      According to sources ( Houston has a “broad industrial base, in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation.” The area’s footprint of homes is expanding quickly. The Metro area is full of master planned community homes with backyard pools prevalent throughout the suburbs. While nearby bodies of water tend to be backyard and neighborhood pools, drainage ditches, bayous, ponds, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico are seen in the area.

      About Pool Season in Houston

      Pool season is virtually year-round. Pools are not winterized or drained. Right now, there are estimated to be well over half a million pools in Texas.* [source:]. And more pools are being built than ever before with wait lists years out.

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      Serving the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. We install into the following counties: Harris County, Ft. Bend County, Waller County, Montgomery County, and Magnolia County. Especially convenient to Katy, Cypress, Fulshear, Sugar Land and Manvel.


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